Atlas Brace founder Brady Sheren building prototypes


C1 Atlas Vertebrae

At•las |’atlǝs| noun

(pl. at•las•es) (also atlas vertebra) Anatomy of the topmost vertebra of the backbone, articulating with the occipital bone of the skull. ORIGIN late 16th cent. (Originally denoted a person who supported a great burden): via Latin from Greek Atlas.

The problem (2009)

In their infancy, neck braces were too big and rigid which made them move around, feel foreign, and made you feel trapped - but worked in a lab. A better user experience was desperately needed!

Atlas Brace founder Brady Sheren racing US open 2009
Atlas Brace founder Brady Sheren 2009 SX
Atlas Brace founder Brady Sheren, spy photo of pre-production brace, 2012
Early Atlas Brace prototype, 2010

The solution (2011)

3 years of trial and error led to fully functional prototypes that solved the existing user problems, while actually enhancing safety - From this the category defining Atlas Brace™ was born

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"Our mission is to make extreme sports safer by creating products that
retain athlete mobility while decreasing the probability of injury"

- Brady Sheren, CEO

The early days

Atlas was quickly adopted by top pros, kicking off 31 championships and counting from Ryan Villopoto, Jason Anderson, Chase Sexton, Walker Fowler, Colton Facciotti, Dylan Wright, and more

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Atlas Athlete 2020 SX Champion Chase Sexton
Atlas Athlete Ryan Villopoto
Atlas Brace testimonials


Over a decade later, we have received countless thank you letters from customers with horriffic crash stories and positive outcomes - Doing our part to make the sport we love safer continues to be our driving force

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100+ years of history

Our team is made up of ex-pro motocross racers, new and old school. The veteran's have deep roots back to the beginning of the sport in America and multi-business industry success - The younger ones understand the needs of modern riders

Atlas History - Eddie Cole
Atlas history - Rick Sheren

Team history

Brady Sheren (Co-founder and Inventor of the Atlas Brace™) and Brad Mclean (Co-founder and President) both grew up racing MX and in the motorcycle industry, their fathers both were Icons in the Canadian motorcycle industry; Brady’s father, Rick Sheren was the founder of R&M Motorsports, President of Tucker Rocky Canada, Mechanix Wear Canada, and SIXSIXONE Canada during his 30 year industry career.

Brady had a very prestigious career as a top Canadian MX racer, racing in both Canada and Supercross in the United States, and is now transferring that experience over to designing innovative products made to fit racers needs.

Brad’s father Bill Mclean was a multi time Canadian MX national champion and founder of Pacific Yamaha in Vancouver, BC. Pacific Yamaha went on to have a multi-title winning Canadian MX team in the late 90s and early 2000s. Brad also has many years experience as a Professional Canadian MX racer, race team manager, retail shop employee, and sales associate at SIXSIXONE Canada.

Chadd and Cameron Cole have a similar story, being the sons of Eddie Cole who was the founder and President of Answer Products, Protaper, Manitou, SIXSIXONE, Tag Metals, Sunline, and Filtron. Both Chadd and Cameron were introduced to the motorcycle industry at an early age, and continue to be heavily involved year after year.

Brady, Brad, Chadd, and Cameron are also the founders and owners of Matrix Concepts. Matrix was launched in 2009, and is now in over 30 countries and is used by nearly every professional Factory Race team in the USA.

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