Atlas Tyke kids neck brace for motocross, offroad, & extreme sports, Black
Atlas Tyke kids neck brace for motocross, offroad, & extreme sports, White
Atlas Tyke kids neck brace for motocross, offroad, & extreme sports, Red
Atlas Tyke kids neck brace for motocross, offroad, & extreme sports, Grey
AquaAtlas Tyke kids neck brace for motocross, offroad, & extreme sports,



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Size chart

The sizing for each Atlas Brace™ is based on chest circumference (distance around the chest, measured just under the arms). For fitment tips, visit Find Your Size >

Atlas Brace Size Chart

Tap the image below to download our printable tape measure
Check your size with no guesswork! It will even tell you which adjustment to set the brace in

Atlas brace sizing tape measure



    • 3rd party tested & CE certified
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    Miniaturized adult design and safety features, in perfect size for young kids.

    • Patented Split-flex frame with Mimic®
    • Multi-Impact tough polymer construction
    • 30mm chest suspension to enable tuck & roll
    • Sits around the spine & sternum
    • 27% more body contact*
    • Adjustable back supports (2 settings)
    • Push button Easy Open system 
    • Hybrid X Strap included
    • 460g (1 lbs) - Ultra light weight
    • User manual
    • CE Certificate
       *vs the leading competitor. Helps spread out impact forces.
      • Brace
      • Hybrid II X-Straps
      • Sizing tape Measure
      • Sticker Sheet
      • Quickstart Guide

      Our braces have large flat surfaces, ready for you to make it your own!

      TAP HERE to download the graphic template for this product.

      Use it for yourself, or send to your favourite graphics company.

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      NOT LIKE

      We flex. We move. We feel free.

      Why Atlas?

      The Atlas Brace™ user experience is second to none.
      Our Patented category leading innovations provide unmatched mobility, comfort and
      safety-first features built into every detail - Features only available from Atlas

      Atlas Brace Flexibility feature
      Atlas Brace Mimic feature
      Atlas Brace chest suspension feature
      Atlas Brace Spine & Sternum Free Feature
      Atlas Brace Multi-Impact feature

      Flexible, like you

      Our Patented Split-Frame + Mimic technology enables every Atlas Brace™ to mimic your body's natural shoulder movements

      Move freely, as you should

      Atlas Brace flexibility feature
      Atlas Brace underside

      Smaller & Bigger

      Up to 27% more pad surface contacting the body, in a smaller and lighter overall package than the closest competitor

      Surface touching the body
      Atlas - 368cm³
      Others - 269cm³ (-27%)

      More contact helps spread impact forces over a larger area, with the goal of minimizing potential secondary injuries during an impact


      Suspension reduces peak forces and distributes them out over more time to minimize the potential for injury, and keep the head in controlled motion

      Only Atlas Braces™ are engineered with chest suspension - allowing you to tuck and roll and preventing harsh stops

      Atlas Brace chest suspension feature
      Atlas Neck Brace design Atlas Neck Brace design



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